Torture Garden Edinburgh - 2nd April

Posted 31 March 2011 20:41 GMT

Torture Garden Edinburgh - 2nd April

Show times and Info

We are looking forward to our trip north of the border this Weekend for our 3rd visit to Edinburgh.

We still have tickets available, though at present Ripping Records have sold out, they should have some more in store tomorrow afternoon (Friday). We will also have tickets available on the door.

There are also a few tickets available still for the Friday nights Player Party and these are on a first come first served basis. The event starts at 8pm.

For full details on the weekend click here.

We kick off on Saturday at 9pm. Below is the show time schedule


Main Stage

11.30pm Sabrina Sweepstake

12.00am Lady Lucie Fashion Show

12.45am Sabrina Sweepstake

1.15am The Fire Tusk Pain Proof Circus

Cabaret Stage

11.15pm: Roxie Rouseu & Cherry Loco

12.30am: Leyla Rose & Cherry Loco

1.30am: Roxie Rouseu & Lyla Rose

MCS: Creative Martyrs

Main Room DJs

9pm: Tony Trauma

10.00pm: The Secretary

11.35pm: David TG

1.30am: Allen TG

Burlesque Ballroom DJs

9pm: DJ HolyRude

10pm: David TG

11.30am: Dee Itsy

12.40am: DJ HolyRude

1.40am: The Secretary

Advance tickets available online click here.

Torture Garden Statement - Birthday Ball Weekender

Posted 14 March 2011 15:56 GMT

Torture Garden Statement

Birthday Ball Weekender

We apologise for the delay in putting tickets on sale for our 20th Birthday Ball Weekend. The reason for this is that Debut London went into liquidation on Fri 4th March and the receivers moved in the following Monday. All events that were booked into the venue were sadly cancelled.

This was totally unexpected and we had no warning that this was imminent.

The past week we have been talking to a collective that wish to take over the lease until September who wish to honour TG's May 7th booking, however this is still in negotiotion.

We have also been looking at alternative venues including the new superclub Pulse which opened last week.

At present we dont have a 100% confirmed venue for the Birthday Ball, (venues for friday and sunday are confirmed) however we are confident that we will have secured a venue within the next 7 days. We will put tickets on sale as soon as we have the venue line up fully confirmed.

We understand that many of you have to buy flights/book hotels so will keep you up to date with our progress.

We hope you understand our situation and support us when we release the full details soon.



An Interview with David TG

Posted 14 March 2011 15:51 GMT

An Interview with David TG

By London Insight

An insight into David TG's home and TG world by London Insight.

An insight into David TG's home and TG world by London Insight.

Torture Garden merchandise clearance sale!

Posted 24 February 2011 17:36 GMT

Torture Garden merchandise clearance sale!

CDs: £3 DVD: £5 T-Shits: £5

We have loads of bargains on our site now as we are trying to clear some space in our office and clear old lines of merchandise.

CDs from £3

DVD now a £5

T-shirts from £5 - wont be reprinted

TG Book - £7 signed by David TG


Torture Garden Athens

Posted 10 February 2011 15:08 GMT

18-19th March 2011

Torture Garden is back in Athens for special 2 nighter @ Second Skin. From the UK will be a fashion show from Lady Lucie Latex, performances from Missy Macabre & Sabrina Sweepstake and David TG will be DJing.

Joining them from Italy will be a body suspension show from Ribesone SFL as DJs from Greece include George Fakinos, Christos B, Lucy and Purple Kittie

For more details please visit

Beware Buying Tickets off Ebay

Posted 10 February 2011 15:08 GMT

Please be aware of buying emailed/mobile bar coded tickets off ebay and via other places especially if they are being sold above market price. We are monitoring ebay and gum tree etc and will cancel any tickets we can.

Please be aware it is also very easy to duplicate bar coded tickets and these tickets may not get you in. Each bar code is individual and will be scanned upon entry.

If you have any questions about this please contact

Debut London ID Entry

Posted 1 February 2011 13:23 GMT

No Id - No Entry

As with previous events, Please remember that Debut London runs a No ID - No Entry policy. Please remember to bring with you some form of ID.

If you have any questions about this please contact

Debut London (SeOne) Closes

Posted 1 February 2011 13:10 GMT

In Sept another legendary venue closes

We have just been informed that sadly Debut London (SeOne Club) will be closing its doors and sold back to Railtrack in September of this year.

That means that Valentines TG and our 20th Birthday Party will be our last events at this venue.

Whatever people may think of Debut, it has been a favourite venue of ours for past few years for our large scale events as its given us a chance to be more creative, giving you multi room experiences that give a good balance to our Mass/Summer Events.

If you love our events at Debut dont miss out on these two as this will generally be the end of another stage of TG's Life.

We are currently looking for a new venue for the large scale events

New Ticketing System

Posted 19 January 2011 09:23 GMT

New Ticketing System

Tickets now sent by email and text

After much research TG has finally decided to switch our ticketing system from paper tickets to using bar coded email and text tickets. The new system means that you do not have to wait for tickets to arrive (or in a lot of cases go missing) in the post and no more picking up tickets on the doors etc.

From now on you will receive your tickets almost instantly via an email or via a text message. Simples!

Upon arrival at TG your ticket will be scanned and in you go!

For full info and to buy tickets please click here

Please note that we are no longer taking ticket orders over the phone.

TG Door/Box Office now closes from 3am

Posted 19 January 2011 09:01 GMT

Please note that from the Valentines Ball onwards all TG events will stop admitting people from 3am due to new licensing regulations at many of the venues we use.

Please note that this goes for all ticket holders, guests and pay on the door.

Torture Garden 20th Birthday Weekend

Posted 2 December 2010 18:01 GMT

Torture Garden 20th Birthday Weekend

Come celebrate 20 years of TG

We are pulling out all the stops to bring you the best ever TG Birthday Party...Celebrating 20 years of TG. We will be getting together performers from Past and Present to help us celebrate this landmark event.

Full details will follow

Dates are Fri 6th May - opening party Sat 7th May - TG Birthday Ball Sat 8th May - Closing Party

Torture Garden Edinburgh - Now confirmed for 2011

Posted 2 December 2010 18:01 GMT

Torture Garden Edinburgh

Now confirmed for 2011

TG has just confirmed that we will hold another TG Edinburgh on Sat 2nd April @ The Caves. After two very successful events we can't wait to get back. The Scottish crowd and scene are so welcoming and it was great to see some TG London regulars making the journey north.

Prangsta Special Offer - 20% discount for TG regulars

Posted 2 December 2010 18:01 GMT

Prangsta - Special Offer

20% discount for TG regulars

Prangsta Costumiers are staging an 'Urban Winter Fantasy' themed Fashion Performance. They are also offering 20% discount on costume hire to patrons of Torture Garden.

Prangsta craft magical costumes using vintage fabrics, to be worn by performers, eccentrics & those who wish to set the pace of the theatre of life.

Prangsta is a Temporary Autonomous Space devoted to creating reality - exquisite couture costumes, performance space & recycling found objects. They have roots in the circus & stage, & also function as an entertainment agency.

Their show room is an Aladdin's Cave of adornments & styling aids, please arrange a fitting at your convenience between 11AM - 7PM, Monday to Saturday.


Dita Von Teese @ Erotica

Posted 18 October 2010 21:04 GMT

Erotica Nov 19th - 21st

Again TG has been invited to produce the Erotica Stage show. Along with our own show we are very excited to be working again with Dita Von Teese. We first worked with Dita around 10 years ago before she became the Worlds greatest exponent of the art of Burlesque.

Dita Von Teese is to perform the UK premiere of her new creation The Opium Den exclusively at Erotica at Londons Olympia in November.

Dita will take to the stage to perform her most opulent show ever in which she features as an exotic Dragon Lady. It marks her first return to these shores since her last appearance in 2007.

It is with great pleasure that I will perform my most opulent and MOST erotic burlesque act The Opium Den at London's Erotica show this year. said Dita.

With such a vibrant burlesque and fetish scene, London has always been one of my favourite places to perform.

I am thrilled to make a return engagement at Erotica this November!

Dita will perform daily at 6pm during the three-day sextravaganza and will meet her most ardent fans at the event for book signing sessions.

Rumours of the impending announcement have already sparked a surge in ticket sales for the adult lifestyle show.

People should fight for a ticket while they can! said Erotica supremo Savvas Christodoulou.

We have been in negotiation for several months to secure Ditas services and premiere The Opium Den at this years show.

It is costing a small fortune to bring her in but we have a reputation for providing the very best to the British public and Dita is just that.

The 14th annual naughty but nice lovefest promises to be the best yet with hundreds of exhibitors, artists, performers and sexperts gathering to give Londoners a real lift and enhance their love lives.

Erotica caters for all comers whatever your sexual persuasion.

We create a space where people can be themselves and explore their sexuality. Said Savvas. We are not judgemental about what makes people feel good.

After all these years we are still blazing a trail for tolerance and the freedom of expression two fundamental traits of life in Britain.

The show takes place at The Grand Hall Olympia, on Friday November 19th, Saturday November 20th and Sunday November 21st.

Ed Real Special Halloween DJ Mix

Posted 18 October 2010 20:19 GMT

Free to Download

'Ed Real has been playing the main room at the big TG parties since 2004 and knows how to rock it right until the end. He's put together a 60 minute promo mix to get everyone in the mood for Halloween and we hope you like it!?

"Halloween TG is probably my favourite event of the year as it's the one where everyone makes the most effort to get into the party spirit(s) as well as being my birthday weekend! I've been lucky enough to perform the closing set for the last 5 years and this 60 minute mix contains some of the biggest tracks from this period plus some great fresh cuts that I can't wait to play on the 30th October. Hopefully you'll love the sexy gypsy robot theme that runs from start to finish and I hope it gets you revved up for the best night of the year! Enjoy!" Ed Real


Ed informs us that all of the 20 tracks in this mix are downloaded from so if you like what you hear, check it out...'

Torture Garden Brighton - Sat 13th November

Posted 22 September 2010 20:19 GMT

After a break of over a year Torture Garden will return to Brighton for a special one off event. The event will take place on Sat 13th November at The Yard. The Yard was formerly The Ocean Rooms which was forced to close last year. The venue is now under new owners/management and they have upgraded the venue to include better sound, lighting and even toilets!

We look forward to returning to the south coast as the Brighton events have their own special vibe.

Full details and tickets will be available soon

Torture Garden returns to Mass after a break of 6 months.

Posted 01 July 2010 16:40 GMT

Torture Garden returns to Mass after a break of 6 months.

We hope you are all enjoying your summer! We have definitely enjoyed producing our 3 smaller, intimate and fun summer events with Dex becoming a firm favourite for most of you with its awesome outdoor balconies. We hope to be back there next Summer.

However, as fun as they were, we at TG are going a bit crazy as the summer parties, though great fun, are not our most creative events, and we cant wait to get stuck into the autumn....../winter season...which in the fetish calendar, is the peak season.

And what an awesome way to start, as we return to our spiritual home, Mass on Sat 4th September. Its been over 6 months since we have done a full scale TG event here and we know that a lot of your are really excited to be back in the church!

3 Fully Themed Rooms & Diverse Soundsystems:

So what do we have planned for this one? Well, the main DJ floor moves into the stage room for this one. This has worked very well in the past helping to create a more party vibe. We have a very special guest DJ joining us. DJ Davide from Montreal will be playing from 2.30- 4.30am. And his partner Bunnyguts with be guest VJ for the evening. Both Davide and Bunnyguts produce Montreal's top fetish night Cirque De Boudoir

Club Ballroom & Performance Stage

DJs: Janette Slack, Allen TG, Jimmy Mofo & Special Guest: Davide' Cirque De Boudoir (Montreal)

Electro House, Dirty Electro, Booty Breaks, Ghetto House & Drum n Bass

VJ Mixing by Bunnyguts (Cirque De Boudoir - Montreal) & Body Mutation Visuals

We have some excellent shows to keep you entertained as well.

TG Debut for Latex Fashion Designer Am Statik

Am Statik costume and couture is about pushing the boundaries of latex. Am Statik creates garments and accessories for each individual by hand in the UK. A combination of innovative material manipulation, building texture and creative colour gives Am Statik that unique unplaceable style.

for more info:

We have another debut show from Precious Marvels. Pole of Eros and Thanatos is a ritualistic performance featuring Isis Adore, Luke Brennan and special guests. The show will also feature costumes by

for more info:

Our final main stage show is the burlesque fire queen Kitty Bang Bang. Kitty has been supporting us on tour dates around the world and has heads a turning with her sexy fire shows. Not to be missed!

Resident pole performer Chiqui Love will again amaze you with her pole work.

Dungeon Arena

We will be moving the dungeon into the larger main space, we will create several distinct areas. After listening to your feedback we will enclose the pit to create a more private play space. The couples room will return in its usual place. We will also have a medical play area and cage installation shows from Amrita.

Music: Atmospheric, Ritual, Electronica, Post Industrial, Ambient Erotica, Dark Boudoir, Film Soundscapes

SM Equipment by Infernal Mechanix

Medical Playroom + Couples Room + Bondage Cage + Medical Fetish & Japanese Bondage Visuals

The Burlesque Boudoir Crypt will be swinging into action in the basement. This amazing space is great to chill out, party or just socialize in while downing some amazing cocktails. Don't forget the photo booth will also be back for you to grab a memory or two.

Burlesque Boudoir Crypt

DJs: David TG, The Secretary, Lydia Darling, Joe Black

Mash-up Burlesque, Neo Swing, Vegas Grind, Dark Cabaret & Gypsy Punk to Glamour Trash, R n B Booty, Electro Slut-core

Boudoir Beds + Chill Out Harem Seating & Alcoves + Photo Booth

Enforced Fantasy Dress Code - Explore Your Imagination!

At TG you are the stars of the show. Be part of a glamorous fantasy film set where weird is normal. Step into another world & become your true self or a fantasy alter-ego. Be the event.

For tickets and full info please click here (add events page link)

New Skin Two Extra with Great TG Review

Posted 01 July 2010 16:40 GMT

The new Skin Two LateXtra is out now, featuring a two-page feature on Torture Garden, see pages 10 and 11

You can read all about it here...

You - and readers worldwide - can download Skin Two LateXtra onto your computer now from here...

People may also get printed copies posted to them worldwide from here...

August TG - Change of date and venue

Posted 22 June 2010 10:12 GMT

Due to the rave reviews we have received for our event at Dex, we thought it would be ideal to get another event in there before the end of the summer. So we have decided to move our August TG date from Friday 6th August to Sat 31st July.

We apologise in advance if any of you had already made plans for the Aug event, but Dex seemed so popular it would be a crime for us to miss this opportunity.

This means we will now not have a TG event in August.

TG July - Ltd Tickets available.

Posted 21 June 2010 14:50 GMT

TG July - Ltd Tickets available.

We will produce our second event of our summer season. After the great feedback we received from our Birthday Weekend Closing Party at Ghost we have decided to return there on the Friday 9th July to produce another fun and intimate party.

However, please note that we will only have 400 tickets on sale.

TG during the London Fetish Weekend 2010

Posted 11 June 2010 11:42 GMT

TG during the London Fetish Weekend 2010

Sat 2nd October @ Mass

Torture Garden will again host the main event, The London Fetish Ball @ Mass on Sat 2nd Oct 2010. The event will showcase the best of the UK scene with guests from around the world. The event will take place at our spiritual home, Mass.

The London Fetish Weekend takes please from the 1st - 3rd October and features supporting events from Subversion on the Friday night, and After Pandora will be the closing party on the Sunday. Meanwhile for all you shop alcoholics, there with be fetish markets on Saturday and Sunday from LAM and LFF respectively.

For full details and tickets will be released soon so watch this space.

For more info on the supporting events please visit

Torture Garden Halloween Ball

Posted 11 June 2010 11:52 GMT

One of our most popular events returns to Debut London for a full on themed party.

Again we will reduce the capacity to the same as the birthday ball, meaning there is plenty of room to move around and enjoy the spectacle that is TG's now infamous Halloween Ball.

Expect 6 fully themed rooms, 3 performance stages, 2 dance floor, and plenty of surprises.

This event always sells out so please get your ticket early. Tickets for this event will go on sale Sat 20th September.

Torture Garden and Ritual

Posted 4 May 2010 10:13 GMT


the next vision of clubbing



A Fetish Week End in Rome

Friday May 28 TG Italy Opening Party @ Micca Club - Via Pietro Micca 7a - Rome

Saturday May 29 TG Italy MMX Main Party @ QUbe Via di Portonaccio 212 - Rome

Sunday May 30 TG Italy BDSM Party @ Rocket Queen Via Portuense 74

Torture Garden Italy 2010, Italys main Fetish event, will be held in Rome, a great city with a vibrant Fetish scene.

The fourth incarnation of the TG-Italy is a Torture Garden full scale event powered by Ritual the Club which will unravel along the course of a full week end, from May 28 to 30, encompassing all the different sides of Torture Garden and hosted by three of Rome's coolest and most versatile locations.

The three parties comprised by the fourth TG-Italy will feature performances by Kumi Monster, Roxy Velvet, Jon John, Kitty Bang Bang and Mademoiselle Katarina; music spun by DJ Allen TG, DJ David TG, DJ The Secretary, DJ Ritual and more; fetish dresscode enforced evenings; a special playparty devoted to BDSM; fully equipped Dungeon areas and a several other titillating experiences...

For more information

Torture Garden Toronto

Posted 21 April 2010 13:49 GMT

May 20th to 24th

Torture Garden return to Toronto for its 2nd event in North America. This time the event is bigger and bolder than before with 5 days of events around the TG Ball on the Saturday. For tickets and full listings please visit

THURSDAY MAY 20: "Industry Night Martini Party"

Models, Photographers, performers business card exchange with a specialty Martini menu available. Video Display includes full Torture Garden Toronto 2009 movie from Eagle Eye Productions.


Club Nocturne

550 Queen St W @ Bathurst Toronto, ON M5V 2B5

$20 Door / VIP included

Doors Open: 10:00 PM

FRIDAY MAY 21: "Launch Party @ Wicked!"

Kick-off Party with DJ's from Torture Garden and special Opening Ceremonies ISSHIN DAIKO and Erotic Contortionists. Special access to Club Wicked upper floors can be arranged.

DRESSCODE: Fetish Club Wear

Club Wicked

1032 Queen Street West. Toronto, ON M6J 1H7

$20 Door / Weekend Pass / VIP included

Doors Open: 10:00 PM

SATURDAY MAY 22: "Torture Garden"

Main event all international Torture Garden Acts perform their first big performances of the weekend.

DJ's: Allen TG / David TG / DJ Lazarus / DJ Pale / DJ Propsero

DRESSCODE: Fetish Extreme

Opera House

735 Queen St East Toronto, ON M4M 1H1

$60 Door / Ticket Holders / VIP

Doors Open: 10:00 PM


$20 each / VIP included)


$20 Door / VIP included

Doors Open: 2:00 AM

SUNDAY MAY 23: "Medical Mayhem"

Torture Garden stage acts AND Toronto performers hit the stage to show what Toronto is made of!!! Feature stage acts and Toronto's independent designers fashion show!

DJ's: Allen TG / David TG / DJ Lazarus / DJ Pale / DJ Propsero

DRESSCODE: Fetish Clubwear - Medial Theme

Opera House

735 Queen St East Toronto, ON M4M 1H1

$40 Door / Weekend Pass / VIP included

Doors Open: 10:00 PM


$20 each / Weekend Pass / VIP included


$20 Door / VIP included

Doors Open: 2:00 AM


An elegant late afternoon & evening Wine & Cheese gathering to wind down from an intense weekend of debauchery. We'll say goodbye to many performers and international visitors in a relaxed fetish-friendly environment.

DRESSCODE: 'Optional'

Cafe Taste

1330 Queen St West Toronto ON M6K 1L4

$20 Door / VIP included

4:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Torture Garden Paris

Posted 21 April 2010 13:49 GMT

Sat 5th July 2010

After the success of our first event in France we again return for a larger and outrageous event at the awesome La Machine du Moulin Rouge venue in Pigalle.

With a host of shows and performers from around the world and an amazing line up of DJs this is definately worth a trip on Eurostar.

There is also a fetish market during the day.

For a full line up shows, and for tickets please visit

TGWE 2010 - The Birthday Ball - Performers

Posted 9 April 2010 17:41 GMT

The world's largest & most famous fetish, body art & burlesque club celebrates it's birthday with the biggest Ball of the year!

The headline event of the TG Birthday Weekend at London largest club venue...

Here is a line up of the wonderful entertainment we have planned for you!

In the Club Arena

Rachel Freire Couture Fashion Show & Body Suspension (TG Debut)

Rachel Freire debut fashion collection was presented at London Fashion Week with On|Off in February 2009 at the Science Museum in London.

Already her work has been seen in publications such as Vogue, Dazed and Confused, AnOther, Zink, Issue One, Sublime, and art press such as Timeout London, Juxtapoz, Illustrated Ape, Art Business Today and Metro.

Rachel has been a regular attendee of TG as well as contributed her skills back stage at some of our events with her knowledge of set design. We are extremely proud of her recent achievments and honoured to have her perform at this forthcoming TG Birthday Party where she will give her latest fashion creations a TG edge by combining it with a suspension show.

Roxy Velvet

Originally trained in the fine arts and drawing on a ten year acquisition of performance skill, Ms Velvet delivers aesthetically polished and fabulously glamorous stage shows. Reminiscent of a latter-day calendar girl, her stage persona combines disarmingly seductive attributes with old-fashioned poise.

Roxy Velvet has a vast array of fabulous costumes and props, most notably her Birdcage, a custom-built 11ft high birdcage with an integrated arial rig. This visually stunning prop combined with Roxys passion for sartorial sparkle creates an enchanting and nostalgic interpretation of burlesque. She is recognised for her skill with fire manipulation, magic, arial hoop and fan dancing and regularly performs en pointe.

As well as making headlining appearances at TG, award Ceremonies such as Kerrang! and corporate parties, such as The Carphone Warehouse Carnival. Roxy Velvet successfully holds two London based nights. Her supper club, Love on the Rox is Voluptes highest selling monthly night. The other, Head Over Heels, is a cheeky avant-garde revue of which she is founder and director.

Roxy Velvet has acquired enviable recognition for her extensive repertoire. She has been interviewed by Bizarre Magazine, Time Out Magazine, London Lite, Alternative Magazine, G3, Venue Magazine, GoreZone, Diva and Subversion Magazine in the last 18 months. She has also been profiled by Current TV for the forthcoming Sex and Money series and regularly presents for Don't Panic TV.


Special Guest: Mike Koglin (SeOne TG Debut)

TG welcome back Mike Koglin for a special main set slot at the Birthday Ball

Mike Koglin burst onto the scene in 1998 with his club anthem and UK top20 hit 'The Silence', which put Mike firmly on the map as one of the key players in dance music. Since then the Grammy-nominated Producer and DJ has has released a constant string of critically acclaimed productions and remixes, earning him overwhelming support from the industry's most recognized artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Above&Beyond or Paul Van Dyk.

Mike has seen comparable success behind the decks - having landed inside the DJ Top100 this year he has a hectic dj schedule with worldwide performances at globally renowned clubs, while festival appearances include the San Francisco Love Parade, Belgium's Illusion Festival, Street Parade Zurich, Revolution in Poland, Waterdance Russia, Malaysia's Freedom Elite festival or '2F White' at the Taiwan World Trade Centre.

+ Residents Ed Real, Fidelity Kastrow and Allen TG


In The Carousel Ballroom

Satomi (Japan/France)

Satomi has been a regular feature at large scale TG events. Satomi is a performer, as well as a teacher of Shibari, her shows and classes taking her around the world. Satomi will be creating a completely new show for this event.

Roxy Velvet

(see Club Arena for details)

Ryan Styles

Ryan short but very visual comical shows are a firm favourite with us here at TGHQ. We look forward to having him back for his first show at TG for over year.

Ryan Styles presents theatrical, stylised performances with elaborately costumed characters in the genre of mime, drag and live art. With a background in the visual arts, a degree in jewellery design (BA Hons) and training in 'clown' at Ecole Philippe Gaulier.


A women who likes making pretty things, making mess, making pretty messes and messing up pretty things. Syban has been a part of TG on Tour as well as performing many shows and installations at our regular TG London shows.


Amrita is a Japanese Dominatrix and Shibari Performer who many of our regulars will reconise from her amazing colourful wigs and Kimonos. Amrita will be creating an installation peice for our Ball.

DJs: David TG, Jimmy Mofo, The Secretary, Lydia Darling, Tony Trauma


In the Burlesque Kabaret Boudoir

Marcella And The Forget Me Nots - Live (TG Debut)

Marcella and The Forget me Nots is the brainchild of Marcella Puppini, founder of famous UK vocal trio The Puppini Sisters and acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Initially drawn to Opera, Marcella subsequently shifted towards Alternative Cabaret, which led her to creating The Puppini Sisters and then to becoming Musical Director and songwriter for The Whoopee Club - one of the pioneers and leaders of the UK Burlesque scene. Marcella recently founded The Forget Me Nots - an all-girl Post-Apocalyptic Cabaret 8-strong orchestra with influences ranging from Kurt Weill and Jacques Brel to Baroque Opera and Prog Rock.

Anna Fur Laxis (TG Debut)

Anna Fur Laxis is a full-time Superhero Housewife who's superpowers entail constantly getting into scrapes for which the only solution is to take off her clothes. Generally found with a cup of Earl Grey tea in hand, Anna's interests include adding to her portfolio of housewifely skillz and mincing around in rubber and pencil skirts. Or rubber pencil skirts.

Anna Fur Laxis is an international sensation. Having taken the UK by storm, this Axe-Wielding Burlesque Performer and Pin Up Model has jetted across borders to shake and shimmy on the stages of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Milan, Paris, and Tokyo.

Suri Sumatra

(No Website - Fan Page on Face Book)

One of David TG's Favourite shows of 2009 and back for her first show at TG for 2010.

Suri Sumatra is an established London-based performance artist, dancer, singer and model. Her routines are designed to pull at your heartstrings with enigmatic charm and eccentric aesthetics. From Balinese to Butoh, Kabuki to a wild frenzied bout of Charleston - expect the unexpected.

Suri thrives on the creative process and is always actively collaborating with other artists, costumiers, film makers and photographers in various creative and experimental projects.

Joe Black

The neo-vaudevillian, the real life Disney villain, the gin-addled courtesan, the anti-christ of cabaret and the one and only waltzing cynic...

Eccentric to international stages, Joe Black takes to shows in an almost cartoon-esque musical assault.

We're very concerned...

Ophelia Bitz

Ring mistress, singer, compere and fire-eating dancing diva. She is the Front-wench of Ophelia Bitz and The Tijuana Bibles, your new favourite romanti-maudlin theatre band.

When she isnt singing about sex she is Campaigning For Compassionate Promiscuity while

walking in the woods, singing and smiling at dogs rather than their owners.

Djs: Duncan De Morgan, Joe Black, Mark Charade, David TG

Special Guest - Markabre Charade

Markabre Charade: Prime mover of insalubrious demi-monde boudiors and ballrooms, his lithe and elegantly attired form tempts fair ladies to a fall from grace even in the most morally lax gin palaces. He's also a totally awesome DJ and shit y'know.

Markabre spins the mutated waxy detritus of every Eurasian diaspora. A time-traveling sideshow of audio oddities is condensed for your listening pleasure into a set as tight and sharp as a well polished curse. Simultaneously evocative of eras past and man-about-town modern, his selections bely his pickpocket scoundrel youth as he selects only the choicest musical marks for a hit.


In The Crash Play Arena

Suka Off (Poland)

Suka Off probably do not require any introduction, they have become legendary TG performers since their epic show in 2005. SUKA OFF have been creating work across visual theatre, performance art, club action, installation, photography, video art and music visuals. Their work have been presented in theatres, art galleries, clubs and festivals in most European countries, as well as in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Japan.

Trauma Unit

Trauma Unit is the performance project of Hellen Burrough. As the product of several years performing with established artists and performers, Hellen was inspired to take her own work to the stage under the Trauma Unit name at the beginning of 2006.

From a background in the fetish and body modification scenes of London, Hellen originally took to the stage to be bound and pierced in 'Hacktion Mutante' with the French group Art Kor. Realizing the potential of live performance and the opportunities it gave her for self exploration, Hellen began appearing in pieces created by others, most frequently on stage at the Torture Garden club.


Internationally reknown fetish muse and bodnage model Kumi, who most of you should know from her many shows at TG as well as being one of our most featured flyer models, creates a unique show based around Crash in collabaration Suka Off.

Special guest DJs from Scrapclub - Joel and Sainswn


Torture Garden Birthday Ball is the headline event of our weekend for full info on the parties, venues and tickets please visit

SeOne Update

Posted 4 March 2010 15:42 GMT

We have just come back from a meeting with the new management at SeOne.

SeOne is changing its name to Debut London. It is primarily going to be a gig/concert venue with the occasional low risk club nights like ourselves. They have confirmed that all our scheduled dates are confirmed.

Due to the change of usage, they have approached the council and the police about making changes to their licence regarding ID Scanning. They hope that they may get this changed in the near future, however until this comes through you will still require ID for all events held there.

Debut London are currently upgrading the lighting and sound throughout the venue, they are also upgrading the bars to give customer a better choice of quality drinks including draft.

The management are very supportive of our events and are giving them their complete backing, and we believe that there will be continued improvements over the next few years.

the Birthday Line Up will be finalised soon

TG DJ's Guest at Heresy and Heels

Posted 4 March 2010 15:26 GMT

TG residents and co-founders will return to heresy and Heels in Birmingham to bring a taste of TG to midland's best fetish event.

"Heresy n Heelz" is a Fusion of Decadent Dance, Alternative Culture & Cutting-Edge Burlesque, with fantastic DJ's & more alt-eye-candy than you shake a crop at.

Their1st Birthday Spectacular is the biggest one yet, take 2 of the biggest twisted cabaret stars in the world Natsumi Scarlett & The Vivid Angel, add the amazing DJ talents of Torture Garden's Allen TG & David TG, a fashion show from Adixxtion Designs, to our regular line-up of resident performers, traders & DJ's.....and you have a hell of a night on your hands !


* Special Guest Compere : Mat Fraser ~ standing in for Rosie Lugosi we are thrilled to have this legendary actor, comedian, compere & star of Ch4's Cast-Offs

* TG resident The Vivid Angel

* Natsumi Scarlett

* Miss Pink & Fluffy

* Marnie Scarlet

* Billie Rae

* Danny DeMilo

* Poi/Fire by Spankaliciou


Guest DJ's Allen TG + David TG (Torture Garden) playing Dirty & Sleazy Electro House + Burlesque/Freakshow

For more details please visit

TG Valentines Review

Posted 2 March 2010 14:30 GMT

Torture Garden's Valentines Ball seems to have been one of our most popular events to date at SeOne, with many rave reviews from a wide variety of clubbers. The lower capacity certainly worked this time and we think we had just the right numbers in to keep the event full at peak times, but mostly avoid overcrowding. There was also a great, fun party vibe throughout, and all the decor, themes and diverse rooms seemed to work really well, with the new huge Couples Rooms proving a big hit. We thought the Striptease Boudoir, Neon Ballroom and Arabian Harem decor all looked amazing, and the very bling LCD visual screens looked spectacular on the main stage. Thanx to all the performers for some excellent shows.

The crowd as a whole was also pretty glamorous, fashionable and sexy, although there were a few week dress code characters slipping in and perhaps the crowd lacked a little of the usual TG edge. But Valentines is usually a softer vibe.

There was some congestion around the entrance when we decided to allow the long cloak room queue to queue inside the club instead of freezing outside, but we think this was for a minimal period and kept some people a little warmer. There was also some coldness in the Boudoir room off peak hours, and we'll make some changes to avoid this for any future events in the winter.

So overall a great start to 2010 and the new decade, although we felt the event was perhaps a little soft and lacked a little of the arty weird edge of TG at it's best at SeOne. So expect more of that at the Birthday Ball!

SeOne Venue Closes Down

SeOneVenue for TG Birthday Ball

Posted 2 March 2010 14:30 GMT

On the 22nd of February we were told the sad news that SeOne - London's largest club venue and the home of TG's biggest events for the past 6 years - had gone bust and closed down. This is very bad news for us, but also bad news for London club land in general, and further evidence of the negative effects of new licensing / ID restrictions, the smoking ban, changing music fashions and the overall economic recession. With it's 2600 capacity and 6 rooms, SeOne was London's largest venue, but also it's most adaptable and potentially creative. It was unique, and although it had it problems there was no other venue like it. It enabled Torture Garden to be more creative with our themes, decor and shows and take the TG experience to new levels impossible in other venues.

However, there may be light at the end of the tunnel - and SeOne was a long tunnel!

It's early days and information is not yet fully clear, but the new venue owners are indicating that they want the venue to reopen with a new focus on corporate events and live music, and they do want Torture Garden events to continue.

Although we do expect structural changes to be made and so we do not know if that will make TG events viable in the future.We have a meeting scheduled in the next week and we'll hopefully get a confirmation as to whether the Torture Garden Birthday Ball will still go ahead as planned at SeOne. The initial information is that we still believe TG will be at SeOne in May.

For those planning to travel to Torture Garden's Birthday Weekend in May we can 100% confirm that all 3 events will go ahead on the dates advertised. Even if we loose SeOne (which we currently don't expect), in the worse case scenario the main Birthday event can switch to Mass or other strong venue options. Again, we should have full venue confirmation in the next 2 weeks, but go ahead and book travel without worry.

Torture Garden March Ball

Posted 2 March 2010 14:30 GMT

Torture Garden returns to regular home Mass in March. Taking over all the venue, but with a new 4 room layout switching the Club Arena to the stage show room, the Dungeon moving to the massive club room and the Ballroom to the basement crypt. We tried this once before for last Sept's event and we feel it will make best use of the space with the expected attendance of 1000 - 1200.

The main difference will be the expansion of the Dungeon to a massive split level arena, including couples room and a medical play area. Whilst the stage shows and installation cage will stay in the usual room, but with the main dance floor music, and the Ballroom will have more of a boudoir seating vibe in the crypt, with photo booth installation and smaller dance floor.

We have 3 great main stage shows with TG regulars Libidex returning with a new fashion show of couture latex designs and various well known scene characters giving the show a full performance edge, whilst special guest performers from Holland Natsumi Scarlet & M.R. Saryn present a darker SM show, and legendary TG regular Vivid Angel returns with a brand new performance. Don't Miss! As well as main stage shows we also have Japanese Bondage by Amrita in the cage, Pole Dancing by Chiqui and erotic dancing installation by 20 Ways.

Special guest DJ King K (Brighton) joins residents Janette Slack, Jimmy Mofo and David TG in the Club Arena mixing Electro House, Dirty Electro & Nu Skool Breaks during peak hours to the legendary 4.30 - 6am Drum n Bass set, whilst Scottee, Lydia Darling and Duncan De Morgan DJ mash-up sets in the Burlesque Boudoir.

Please note that TG will not stage an Easter event this year due to us bring our Birthday Weekend a little earlier, and therefore this is the last TG before the Birthday Weekend.

Tickets on Sale Now!

Vote for TG's Viktoria Modesta in

in Channel 4 Evo Music Rooms Comp

Posted 2 March 2010 14:30 GMT

Torture Garden's very own Viktoria Modesta (who performed at TG's Valentines Ball) has been selected as one of the top 20 best unsigned music acts in the UK from thousands of applicants to Channel 4's Evo Music Rooms.

Now it's down to public voting to get her into the top 10 and a chance to be selected as one of the top 6 stars of tomorrow, perform on C4's Evo Music Rooms and record 3 studio singles. Therefore please support a TG performer and vote for her. It just takes 30 seconds from the link below - so easy!

She's currently on 8% of the vote in 6th place, but there's a long way to go & voting is unpredictable, so hopefully the TG community can help push her up to 10%+.

Also please repost to your friends and mailing list if you'd like to help spread the word.

You have until March 10th to vote so vote for her NOW!

Torture Garden is back in Greece

Posted 26 February 2010 13:41 GMT

Torture Garden is back in Greece for its Annual Athens event.

The party takes place on Sat 20th March. Some of you may have noticed its the same date as TG London, so Allen TG will be in Athens and David TG will host the UK event.

9pm - 6am

Full Info & Tickets:

TG Athens is back at the Gagarin 205 Club with a free after party at Second Skin from 5am.

The Main Event is an amazing line up of shows:

Torture Garden Fashion Show

The Fire Tusk Pain Proof Circus

Lazlo Pearlman

Maleficent Martini & Esinem

Jon John


+ Djs

Allen TG

George Fakinos

Christos B

Dungeon Shows by omega Red, Isabelle and Jaqueline and Hosted by Apollyon and Angel

Price 20 presale 25 on the door

Gagarin 205 23.30hrs till 06.00

Second Skin 05.00hrs till early

TG On Tour 2010

Posted 29 February 2010 14:30 GMT

TG On Tour 2010

We are pleased to announce the following International tour dates:

Sat 20th March 2010 - Athens

Sat 22nd May 2010 - Toronto

Sat 29th May 2010 - Rome

Sat 5th june 2010 - Paris

TG in Edinburgh will be confirmed soon.

We are also looking for a new venue in Brighton as the Ocean Rooms has been closed down.

I want my TGTV!

Posted 29 September 2009 10:20 GMT

Some of you may have already noticed that TG is at present Beta testing an exciting new project we have been working on for the past year - Torture Garden TV. TG has teamed up with some top TV producers to bring you a new online TV channel created by the worlds most famous fetish, body art, burlesque & fantasy club.

If you have your own performance videos or erotic film or anything interesting that you think will work for Torture Garden TV please let us know!

"Give a man a mask and he will tell the truth" - Oscar Wilde

TG TV will launch fully in Oct/Nov 2009 as a members subscription site at a super low price around £2 per month (tbc), but for now here's a sneak preview for free! Check out extreme freak shows, exotic burlesque, erotic performances and couture fashion shows from Torture Gardens notorious club nights. Plus fetish celebrity interviews, club chat with outrageous party freaks and the confessional interrogation booth where all is revealed! Look out for future updates and new additions such as Torture Garden archive, artist & performer submissions, viewers gallery, art porn, historical fetish imagery, weird culture & more!

Step inside...

Please let us know what you think? Your views click here

That's it for now.....TG Crew

TG Paris

Posted 1 April 2009 09:00 GMT

Torture Garden Paris

Saturday 20 June 2009

For the first time ever, there will be a full scale Torture Garden event in the romantic city of Paris.

Torture Garden will be the main event on the weekend, with supporting events on the Fri and the Sun.

We are expecting a large UK contigent travelling across the channel for this event, why not come along.

Full details can be found on

TG Toronto

Posted 26 March 2009 10:20 GMT

TG has teamed up with Toronto's leading fetish event, 'subspace', to bring you, for the 1st time ever in Canada....Torture Garden Toronto!

There will be a weekend full of events with Torture Garden hosting the main event on the Saturday Night.

The line up will include: Allen and David TG, Empress Stah, Samar, Allen Falkner and TG Clothing Fashion Show.

Eclectic DJs Wanted

Posted 30 July 2008 19:00 GMT

TG needs new eclectic DJs that can play mash-up sets including Neo Swing, Burlesque, Rock n Roll, Glamour Trash, Electro Clash, Booty etc.

If you like TGs Eclectic room and you think you have music that will work please send a mixed CD to: David TG @ TG Productions, Unit 111 Cremer Business Centre, 37 Cremer St, London E2 8HD.

We're more interested in your track selection and flow of set than your mixing.

New Torture Garden Performers Wanted

Posted May 9, 2008 17:00 GMT

Torture Garden has a fantastic selection of regular performers, but it's always great to discover new talent.

Therefore if you think you have a strong visual, original show ideas and are good enough on stage to hold a TG crowd, then please send photos and full info to:

Torture Garden Clothing

Posted May 9, 2008 17:00 GMT

The Torture Garden 'Virgin Queen' Fashion Show at the Birthday Ball was fantastic! Many thanx to the designer of the new collection Florence, and to Robin and the rest of the team at Torture Garden Clothing.

Plus Robert Masciave for the hair, Bea Sweet for the make-up, and all the great models.

Check out the photos by various photographers on line, and look out for more wearable versions of the collection available to buy soon.